Spencer Seidel Releases Guitar-Education Software

December 18, 2007


I recently designed and built 2 innovative software products designed to help serious guitar students learn their fretboard.

The Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer: Many students fall into ruts, playing the same chords over and over again while comping. Sometimes, this is simply because of a knowledge deficiency. My software is designed to change that. UGCT interactively quizzes students about drop-2 and drop-3 chord voicings in all inversions and practically any chord flavor. UGCT is a great way to start anyone's daily practice session.

The Ultimate Guitar Ear Trainer: I noticed one day that it was easier for me to hum or whistle a tune than it was to play it on the guitar without hunting for notes. UGET teaches students (and maybe teachers too!) the fretboard by ear instead of sight.

Windows and Mac OS X versions available.

Happy playing!