PODCAST: Women of the World

Adam Renn Olenn
October 26, 2012
Women of the World
Women of the World's new EP, Koloro

The world music supergroup Women of the World is almost entirely comprised of Berklee students and alumnae, including Ayumi Ueda '10, Annette Philip '09, Giorgia Renosto '09, Hinako Sato '2011, Sara Cristal Peña-Coffin '11, Noriko Terada '09, Sue Buzzard '10, and Kazuyo Kuriya '10.

With members representing Japan, India, Italy, Haiti, Mexico, and the United States, Women of the World has performed at Carnegie Hall and Boston’s Symphony Hall, presented at TEDx Boston, and collaborated with the United Nations. 

On September 23, 2012, they took the stage at the Blue Note in New York in support of their debut EP, Koloro, an Esperanto word meaning “color.”