Mark Cuban Taps Berklee Students for TV Show Ideas

Nick Balkin
April 3, 2013
Press release


Entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, eager to engage college students through his cable network AXS TV, is launching a contest for Berklee College of Music: the Berklee student who comes up with the best idea for a new show wins a $5,000 prize. The contest and prize are exclusively for Berklee students. 

A select committee from AXS TV, Mark Cuban Companies, and Berklee will narrow submissions to the top 10 entries, then Cuban will select the winner based on students' votes and comments, as well as the committee's recommendations. The winner will be notified on Friday, May 3.  

"Mark Cuban said let's find a fast way to dream up new music programming for the next generation," said Berklee president Roger H. Brown. "I said among our 4,000 talented music students lies the answer." 

"AXS TV is incredibly excited to partner with Berklee. The future of music on TV is live and I can't wait to pick the best show and social media ideas from the many I am sure students will contribute," said Cuban. "The possibilities from our partnership and this contest are limitless." 

The contest is the result of ongoing talks between Cuban and Brown about innovative ways to connect music, television, and social media. The announcement comes just after Berklee YouTube Hack Day: the 21-Hour Video Project, a viral video boot camp for students. Berklee is known for producing YouTube sensations: alumni Psy, Karmin, and AJ Rafael alone have generated more than 2 billion YouTube views. 

Mark Cuban's AXS TV has been called "the ESPN of music," focusing on live music, interviews, concerts, documentaries, and more. The programming direction is music, pop culture, and lifestyle oriented.