Inspired by Ray: Multimedia

Rob Hochschild
September 20, 2012

Watch a behind-the-scenes video about a new roots radio series, Matt Glaser’s Record Party, devoted this semester to the music of Ray Charles, and hosted by music educator and internationally renowned violinist Matt Glaser. And listen to the first three episodes of the radio program below. We bring you all of this at the kickoff of Inspired by Ray: The Ray Charles Symposium, to be held September 21–23, 2012 at Berklee.

Matt Glaser's Record Party #1 
In the first episode, Matt Glaser and his guest Jay Peterson listen to Ray’s seminal album "Modern Sounds in Country and Western" and find the origins of these songs in the work of earlier country artists. Glaser and Peterson listen to original and Ray Charles's versions of each song to analyze the transformative nature of Ray’s genius. (59 minutes)
Stream Episode #1. 

Matt Glaser's Record Party #2 
The second episode features Glaser in conversation with Alan Lowe to examine sacred and secular elements in the music of Ray Charles. They listen to Charles's popular-style covers of traditional gospel tunes. (63 minutes)
Stream Episode #2. 

Matt Glaser's Record Party #3
Glaser is joined by Rob Hochschild, from Berklee's communications office, to talk about Inspired by Ray, the symposium devoted to the music and far-rangng influence of Ray Charles. They also discuss the InspiRaytion concert, featuring John Scofield, Ricky Skaggs, Raul Midon, the Wayfaring Strangers, and more. (29 minutes)
Listen by clicking on the player below.