CBS This Morning: Big Names in Music Honored at Berklee

Margot Edwards
May 22, 2013

The national TV program CBS This Morning attended Berklee's commencement concert and spoke to vice president for student affairs/dean of students Larry Bethune as well as this year's honorees: Willie Nelson, Carole King, and Annie Lennox. The story aired on commencement day. Watch the piece below:

In other commencement 2013 news coverage:

- Rolling Stone writer James Sullivan attended the commencement concert and singled out students Vince Cannady, Samantha Schultz, Noe Socha, and the Berklee Roots Ensemble for praise in his article, "Willie Nelson, the 'Hippest Octogenarian,' Honored at Berklee."

- The Huffington Post included an extensive photo gallery of Berklee's honorees and graduates at the commencement concert and ceremony.

- The Boston Globe wrote about the honorees' remarks to the Berklee graduates, and posted video of Annie Lennox's commencement speech.