Berklee to Give Workshop at FIMUCITÉ

Sophie Maricq
July 12, 2012
Press release

Berklee College of Music and FIMUCITÉ have signed their first international cooperation agreement for a public workshop in film scoring and soundtrack production to be held at Tenerife Space for the Arts (TEA) in the Canary Islands.

The Sixth International Festival of Music and Cinema of Tenerife (FIMUCITÉ), will be held July 7–14, 2012, and is being sponsored by the Government of the Autonomous Region of the Canary Islands and the Municipalities of Santa Cruz and Arona. In advance of this year's event, Berklee College of Music and FUMICITÉ have signed their first international cooperation agreement. As a result, professionals in the discipline of film scoring, students, and the public in general will be able to enjoy a unique workshop in this field during the week of the festival. At this workshop, well-known experts from both sides of the Atlantic will be combining their talents to explain every aspect of the process involved in the production of a soundtrack, as well as music for audiovisuals in general.

Berklee in Valencia, in cooperation with FIMUCITÉ and the Association of Professional Musicians of the Canary Islands (Promusic), will be organizing the workshop The Road to Film Scoring on July 12 and 13 at TEA. The workshop will be divided into two lines of work: the first devoted to teaching and production, and the second to composition and interpretation, and will bring experts together on different panels.

These panels will include pioneers of the industry, such as Robert Townson, music producer for the prestigious label Varèse Sarabande; Pete Anthony, the highly acclaimed director of the current Hollywood Orchestra and 20-year veteran with experience in nearly 300 films; and renowned composers James Newton Howard and Danny Elfman. Robert Piaskowski, art director of another leading European industry gathering, the Cinema Music Festival of Krakow, and Diego Navarro, composer of music for films and director of FIMUCITÉ, round out the list of professionals participating.