Alumni Chart Toppers

Berklee Office of Communications
June 5, 2012
Alumni Miles Walker and Lewis (Luke) Tozour have engineering credits on Katy Perry's album, <i>Teenage Dream</i>.

Billboard charts and iTunes's top downloads are barometers of what music is hot now. To look at the most recent lists reveals a panoply of Berklee alumni credits capturing the zeitgeist of current music. Alumni have a strong pulse on the market when it comes to engineering, mixing, producing, and writing some of today's biggest hits. They also have a noted presence as touring band members for pop and rock's most prominent stars, showing off their chops on stage.

Atlanta-based engineer and mixer Miles Walker '03 has had a hand in albums for musicians such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Karmin, and Wiz Khalifa. Makeba Riddick has produced vocals for Rihanna; and Claude Kelly '02 cowrote Bruno Mars's "Grenade" and has writing credits for Jessie J. On stage, Theresa Flaminio '08 plays keyboards for Cee Lo Green's all-female backing band Scarlet Fever and Orpheo McCord '02 is the drummer for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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