The Groove: Interview with Spin Doctors' Aaron Comess

Lisa Occhino
October 25, 2011
Aaron Comess (left) and the Spin Doctors
Photo Courtesy of Seth Cohen PR

The incredible success of the Spin Doctors can't be denied. Pocket Full of Kryptonite sold over 10 million albums throughout the world, reached  No. 3 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart, and made the magazine's Top 100 list of the Best-Selling Albums of the Decade. "Two Princes" was essentially the soundtrack of the '90s (it was the most-played rock song in the world in 1993), and the hit single has achieved such longevity that it's still played on the radio today.

On August 30, the double-disc 20th anniversary edition of Kryptonite was released, which includes remastered tracks, rare demos, and live concert recordings—a must-have for any Spin Doctors fan. The band is also embarking on a U.S. tour this fall, and for the first time in America, they will be performing the entire album straight through from beginning to end.

I got the wonderful opportunity to chat with Aaron Comess (drummer and founding member of the Spin Doctors) about his time at Berklee, his experiences with the band, and his unique perspective on the definition of success.

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