PODCAST: Foxtrot

Rob Hochschild
June 14, 2011

The collection of talented Berklee students and alumni in Boston rock band, Foxtrot, may be young in years, but they possess the songwriting and onstage skill of much older musicians. Foxtrot lists Radiohead, Incubus, and Mute Math among their influences, but it has crafted a sound completely its own.

And Foxtrot take its concerts seriously, describing itself as "a dangerously entertaining live band that has a penchant for startling live effects and an unforgettable light show." Read a review of a recent Foxtrot show on Berklee Blogs to get more of a sense of what hearing and seeing the band in person is like.

Foxtrot performs as part of Berklee's summer concert series. Get a preview with the tune "Foxtrot Hops."


to Foxtrot's "Foxtrot Hops."