Berklee Holds Audition and Interview Events in Phoenix

Liz Burg
December 20, 2010

Berklee College of Music will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, to audition and interview applicants in the Southwest. With more than 50 audition and interview sites worldwide, Berklee is establishing Phoenix as its Southwest audition and interview hub to connect with a population of musicians that have grown up influenced by a diverse mix of musical cultures from the area. Berklee is committed to building on its already rich cultural and musical diversity, attracting the widest array of musicians possible to join the college community.

Berklee audition and interviews will be hosted by the New School for the Arts, Tempe from February 15-17, 2011. For more information on applying to Berklee, visit our admissions page. The application deadline for Fall 2011 admission is January 15, 2011. 

"We are excited to visit the Southwest, and we look forward to hearing some of the upcoming leaders of tomorrow's music industry," said Damien Bracken, dean of admissions. "The breadth and depth of music styles from the Southwest, from mariachi to American Indian drumming, is well known at Berklee, and we continue to seek out new talents that will enrich our appreciation even further."

Every student applying to Berklee is required to complete a live A&I at our Boston campus or at sites around the world. The ambitious goal of meeting every prospective student in person is to identify students who are most likely to succeed in Berklee's dynamic environment: applicants who are passionate, entrepreneurial, motivated, and who display talent and potential. All students who audition and interview for Berklee are also considered for scholarships. Continuing to expand its reach globally, Berklee now holds auditions on every continent except Antarctica.