Class of 2010 Bids Farewell

Berklee Office of Communications
May 7, 2010
Professional music major Zac Taylor: "Make friends, because the people in your classes are going to be more valuable to you than the stuff you write in your notebooks."
"During my first semester, I was going to the caf one evening with my friends. A guy was playing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and everyone in the caf was singing all the parts. It felt like Fame. I was like, 'Wow, I go to a music school.' It hit me then."
—Jayme Brown, contemporary writing and production major
"Research the possibilities to have a better idea of what you want to do. Berklee is a very do-it-yourself sort of school. You need to be very self-motivated."
—Tom Mitchell, professional music major
"Making connections here is the best thing you can do for yourself, because the teachers can only help you so much. It’s the kids that you can collaborate with."
—Jenna O'Gara, professional music major
"My plan for the future is to bring the original classic jingle back to advertisements."
—Tiffany Anderson, music business major
"Really look into the classes and design your own schedule, and ask around about teachers."
—Danna Richards, songwriting major
"I plan to go to Japan for six months and then move to Germany. I’m producing dance music. I have a contract with a Japanese recording company and I hope to get a contract with a European recording company."
—Yuiciro Kotani, professional music major
"Do your homework and be proud of your worst composition."
—Abigail East, contemporary writing and production major
"Meet as many people as possible. You never know who will be your friend down the line. Don’t have your guard up. Be open to as many kinds of music you can."
—Isom Innis, music business/management major
"My first day on campus I met this kid named Zach Hillyard. I spent the next two years managing his band, and that defined my whole Berklee experience. That was the moment."
—Russell McLaughlin, songwriting major
Photo by Rob Hochschild
Photo by Rob Hochschild
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Photo by Rob Hochschild

As they prepared to leave the mixing studios, recitals, private lessons, and all that defined their Berklee experience, some graduating seniors reflected on their time here. They shared memories and their post-Berklee plans, as well as doled out advice for the incoming crop of musicians.

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