AUDIO: The New Old School (Jazz Revelation, 2007)

Berklee Office of Communications
June 8, 2007

Gathered from all over the globe, the eight bands presented here speak the traditional language of jazz in a new way. Their youth, their passion, and their commitment are the launching pad for a sound that gets inside your head, your heart, and yes, you'll tap your feet and maybe hum along after a while.

Jazz Revelation Records (JRR), Berklee's student-run jazz record label, was formed in the spring of 2003. The label is made possible by a grant funded by the college. Under previous management, Jazz Revelation Records successfully released the compilation CDs Rebirth, Two, and Ars Nova. Under the direction of current president Michael Borgida, the label has just released its fourth album, The New Old School. For the new CD, JRR gathered eight young, passionate, and committed artists from around the world, all speaking the traditional language of jazz in a new way.

Listen to tracks from The New Old School