Berklee Today: Where the Metal Meets the Road

Mark Small
June 1, 2007
James LaBrie, John Petrucci '86, Jordan Rudess, John Myung '86, and Mike Portnoy '86 of Dream Theater
Halcyon days in Berklee's room E19. Myung, Portnoy, and Petrucci as the power trio Majesty, a predecessor to Dream Theater.

Drummer Mike Portnoy '86 sits on a tour bus that's parked in front of Boston's Orpheum Theater. Tonight's concert is one of the few remaining in this year's G3 tour that features a set by Portnoy, guitarist John Petrucci '86, and bassist Dave LaRue. "I won't get to cool it after this tour ends," Portnoy tells me. "I haven't had any cool-it time for 10 years. Even when I'm home, I'm working for Dream Theater; overseeing DVDs, artwork layout, merchandise for the tour; and picking the opening bands. Playing the G3 tour was easy. Someone else had to worry about all of the details; I just had to play one 45-minute set each night."

After a few days at home, Portnoy and Petrucci—along with Dream Theater's bassist John Myung '86, vocalist James LaBrie, and keyboardist Jordan Rudess—shot a video for their new album, Systematic Chaos; did some intensive rehearsals; and then launched into an extensive tour that opened in Europe.

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