Our mission is to position Berklee as the world's leading institute of contemporary music to all audiences by showcasing the successes and innovations of the Berklee community through the use of traditional and new marketing media. Our team promotes Berklee's mission and institutional identity through innovative strategies, content, and services that enhance Berklee's brand essence in support of the annual goals of the institution, External Affairs, and in support of recruitment and advancement.

Explore our site to learn more about Berklee's branding and marketing intiatives, including:

  • social and digital media;
  • print;
  • on- and off-campus events;
  • and internal communications.

Connect with Design Services

We're here to support your department's initiatives and goals through a variety of services and platforms:

campaign measurement, berklee.edu analytics, social analytics

branding, graphic design, photography, and production

 Digital signage
curated playlists that appear on screens across campus, department signage

original content, copy writing, and editing

 Faculty/Staff and Student Newsletters
weekly internal newsletters featuring events, announcements and opportunities

 HTML email templates
branded and customizable templates for MailChimp newsletters and invitations

 Internal communications
official platforms (the Berklee Hub, internal newsletters, berklee.edu) and in-house campaign consulting for your initiatives

photographers for your events, digital archive of all photography for your marketing efforts

 Social media
Berklee's official accounts, paid and organic social, social strategy for your department

 Video and YouTube
video production and curation, including performance and marketing videos