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Berklee's Digital Strategy team designs, develops, and maintains platforms that support the next generation of musicians and artists.

We innovate on behalf of Berklee by building cutting-edge technology and user experiences that enhance, inform, and guide our students' career path during their years at Berklee and beyond.

Our team developed a unified website that integrates content from three separate learning communities (Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and Berklee NYC).

Built on the Drupal platform, this site serves as the main distribution channel for both our external and internal audiences.

Issues with the site? Report questions, concerns, or difficulties using the site to the Technology Service Desk ( or submitted via the 2238 form).

Need to make changes to the site? Learn how to get trained as a "content manager." Once you're trained and have access, use the Content Manager's Guide to make the most of our robust authoring platform.

If your area would like to create or improve your presence on the domain, we can work with you to design the best solution.

Develop a Content Strategy > Establish your Information Architecture > Design your Content > Create a Distribution/Marketing Plan

Content Strategy

Our team works closely with departments to support their goals on the web. As the primary communication tool to reach prospective students, parents, staff, faculty, and alumni, the website is in a unique position to reach your audience. To this end, our team can help you create a content strategy that adheres to best practices, is optimized for search, is accessible to all users, and leads your users to the information they need.

Information Architecture

Structure your content in a way that is intuitive and logical within the greater site architecture. We can help you organize your links and menus to facilitate wayfinding, and establish a page hierarchy that makes sense.

Design and Usability

The Berklee design system is flexible enough to work for your specific content, yet standardized enough to maintain visual consistency and provide a cohesive user experience. Let us know what you need the site to do for your audience, and we can work it out. See our web standards style guide.


The Digital Strategy team has developed custom applications for making sure your content gets in front of your audience. Learn how to create and tag content within so it feeds into the Berklee Hub, which is customized for each individual person within the Berklee community. Focus your efforts and target your content to the people with whom you want to engage.

To start a conversation about your digital strategy needs, contact

The Berklee Hub

Learn about the Berklee Hub, an application developed in-house to address the complaint that we were all receiving too many messages from too many areas at once. This notification platform combines messages from four content systems into a single stream, tailored to each person based on user data cross-referenced from three systems of record.

Berklee Connect

We built this student/alumni directory within the Hub to address the challenge of finding and connecting with members of the Berklee community. The directory gives you exclusive access to a network of over 45,000 people, many of whom still work in music or performing arts industries.
Find. Connect. Collaborate. 

Berklee Career Manager

The Digital Strategy team works on Symplicity, the third-party platform that is branded the Berklee Career Manager, by providing technical support, data integrations, and customizations that optimize it for Berklee's unique needs.


We provide design and development for creating modern, professional templates to make your campaigns a success. To request help with email marketing, start with the Marketing and Communications team.


If you have questions about how users are engaging with your content, we can create a dedicated dashboard to visualize the data points that shed light on the answers.