Berklee Presents

The best way to feel the joy and vitality of Berklee is to experience our students in performance. Berklee Presents collaborates with the nation's finest performance venues, major broadcasters, and videographers to bring our current students and alumni to the music-loving public. Every conceivable musical genre, and more than 90 countries of origin, are represented in our student body. The next big thing? It's being cooked up right now in a Berklee rehearsal room, studio, dorm, even a hallway. One such configuration might include a bassist from Colombia, a Turkish percussionist, a violinist from Hungary, and a singer from Omaha, Nebraska.

What kinds of music might you hear? Latin, blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, pop, rock, flamenco, gospel, orchestras, silent film music, African and Middle Eastern sounds, and every possible mash-up of each and every style. The music's here, and Berklee Presents gets it out there. Where? SXSW, Newport Folk, Monterey Jazz, the Kennedy Center, the Blue Note, Grey Fox, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Nantucket Film Festival, NPR Music, and Sirius XM are just a few.