Find Your Courses

It will be easier and take less time for you to complete your summer/fall 2019 registration if you research the courses you want to take in advance of your assigned online registration time. This will also allow you time to seek any advising you require, request waivers, or perform any other necessary registration-related activities.  

You can do this by either viewing Course Descriptions by subject or by using the Course Search tool to search by course code or title. Read the course descriptions to ensure that you have the proper prerequisites, corequisites, and ensemble ratings, and that each course is electable by you, as you will not be able to register for courses that have requirements you do not meet.

  • To satisfy course prerequisites, you must have a passing grade, transfer credit, or Credit by Exam (CBX) on record. 
  • Courses in which you are currently enrolled can be used as prerequisites. However, if you do not receive a passing grade for any spring 2019 course that is being used as a prerequisite for a summer/fall 2019 course, you will be removed from that course before the start of that term.
  • Secure any necessary prerequisite waivers from department chairs prior to registering for classes. If a waiver is granted, it will be entered onto your record electronically, and then you will be able to add the class to your schedule. 

Also check out other course options, such as Inside Berklee Courses and Special Learning Opportunities