Baron School of Music

Founded in 2006, Baron School of Music's aim is to advocate for popular music education and to nourish music talents to foster the development of the music industry in Hong Kong and neighboring regions. Throughout the years, the school has been providing professional pop and classical music trainings for students of all ages.

Course of Study

The school is subdivided into the school of music performance, the school of music production, and the Junior Music Academy, which offer courses such as:

  • Music Production and Technology
  • Recording and Mixing
  • Lyric Writing
  • Vocal Techniques and Performance
  • Music Marketing and Management
  • Instrumental Performance Studies (Pop and Classical)
  • DJ Performance
  • Beatbox and Rap


Four major courses at Baron are certified for the Hong Kong government’s Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

The Continuing Education Fund subsidizes adults with learning aspirations to pursue continuing education and training courses. The government will reimburse eligible students for a part of their tuition fee. The four major courses include:

  • Diploma in Music Composition and Production
  • Advanced Certificate in Modern Audio Production
  • Certificate in Lyric Writing
  • Advanced Certificate in Vocal Techniques for the Performing Vocalist

Overseas Liaison and Cooperation

Since 2008, Baron School of Music has cooperated with local and overseas universities to provide diploma and degree programs in music. Baron also works closely with local music production and publishing companies, entertainment companies, major record labels, media, charity organizations, malls, etc., providing students with platforms and opportunities to gain professional knowledge and real-world experience.


Through master classes, workshops, and seminars, professionals in different roles in the music industry are invited to share their experiences in the field, their particular skills in music production, or their performance techniques. Other events, such as competitions, student recitals, music gatherings, showcases, etc., are organized on a regular basis. Students can apply their skills and broaden their musical horizons by participating in these events.

Baron School of Music
Tung Chiu Commercial Centre
193-197 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Phone: 852 2980-3668
Fax: 852 2877-0780