Summer in the CitySHAH

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Thursday / June 29, 2017 / 6:00 p.m.
Wakefield Library
345 Main Street
United States
Image courtesy of the artist

SHAH's music is an undiscovered eclectic collection of soul, folk, disco, R&B, and cinematic orchestral style combined with raw, unadulterated emotion, with a hint of happy-go-lucky vibes.  

"Tropical Breeze" is the first original SHAH ever arranged. The song is a synthesis of an infectious funky chorus, a broken-down, cello-led bridge, and lyrical ideas that vary from the pressures and ambitions of the individual within society and escapism (a theme that reoccurs in SHAH’s music) to a place with a tropical breeze. The funk of the song could not be contrasted better than by the whimsical spirit of "Bear Cub," a fingerpicking guitar ditty that follows the story of a small bear who steals strawberries from a human’s picnic basket. The song ends in a mellifluous bombardment of strings and full band. "Honey Buns" is the most recent composition by SHAH. With the exception of a reference to Princess Leah, the song centers around the pastry's ingredients, cooking instructions, tastes, and smells. Attendees of SHAH’s shows can attest that his setlist is a rollercoaster, taking audiences from deep emotional tenderness to irresistible, feel-good dancing. Everyone present is part of the music, whether they’re invited to sing, sit, dance, or even play an instrument. Listen to SHAH play "Work of Art."