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3 credit(s)
Course Chair: Simone Pilon
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: MBUS majors
Electable by: All
Prerequisites: Passing score on the General Math Exam, LMSC-130, or completion of college level precalculus or higher; and LENG-111
Department: LART
Location: Boston Campus, Valencia (Spain) Campus

This course presents frameworks to better understand businesses, markets, finance, as well as both the economy and history in general. Relevant examples are drawn heavily from the music industry. In addition to the course surveying basic principles, students will learn answers to questions such as: Why are housing rental costs so high? What causes financial crises? What strategies can a band use to become more profitable? Note for MBUS majors: this course fills the social science requirement for degree students, in addition to being a requirement for the major.

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