Managing Technology-Driven Business

MB-255 or MB-355
Electable by: 
MBUS majors
Required of: 
MBUS majors
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Boston Campus
Valencia (Spain) Campus
Courses may not be offered at the listed location(s) each semester. Consult for specific term availability.

This course will explore the underlying technology and terminology required to effectively communicate and conduct business in the technology-driven marketplace. In today's business environment, it is essential for managers and executives to understand the basic concepts behind contemporary information systems and how they can be used effectively in business. Topics include hardware, software, network architecture, information security, data warehousing, customer interfaces, and online marketing opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to work with common open source applications used for content management, customer relationship management, online purchasing and payment systems, and more.

Course chair: 
Don Gorder