City Life: Local and Global Perspectives

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Spring Only
Boston Campus
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As musicians, you will be visiting, working in, and probably living in cities. Questions this course tackles include: What makes a city work? How does a city inspire the artist? What makes some cities vibrant while others struggle to survive? How can I get the most out of my own city life? What is the musician's role as a social change agent and how might I tap into the city's resources and opportunities and create community? What is social capital? We will get out of the classroom to examine Boston as our primary city and compare this to personal knowledge of other urban centers worldwide. Readings and discussions emphasize the energy one finds in major cities with diverse populations and cultures; how people take cues from social interactions with strangers; how cityfolk navigate the design and layout of their city's sidewalks, buildings, and open space; and how those besieged by the challenges of harsh city living find their own resiliency. Students determine their interests and dig deeper on their own. The learning outcomes include an ability to use sociology for a broader understanding of the complexities attached to everyday occurrences in fast paced urban living.

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Simone Pilon
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