Advanced Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drum Set

ILPD-211 and overall ensemble rating 4
Electable by: 
Drum set and total percussion principals
Required of: 
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring
Boston Campus
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This course presents an in-depth study of current drum set performance concepts and instrumental techniques for a number of Cuban musical genres and styles, with a particular focus on the contributions of key Cuban musical genres such as son, son montuno, rumba, songo, and timba, as well as various Afro-Cuban folkloric styles. In addition to a combination of guided listening and in-class discussion of the fundamental aesthetics and percussion parts of each genre, this course will also creatively explore Cuban music's interaction with other contemporary musical genres and introduce more challenging technical exercises and typical grooves. It is intended for the intermediate to advanced player who already has some previous exposure to this topic, and aims to elevate  students' familiarity with the subject matter beyond merely a mechanical reproduction of pattern and help students develop a more personal voice based on a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of Cuban rhythmic vocabulary and feel. In this class, students develop core competencies with respect to a number of time keeping ostinatos whose mastery is crucial for a drum set player performing Cuban genres. Through a selection of relevant independent studies and an in-depth review of characteristic rhythmic styles in each ostinato category, students build control over these ostinatos and integrate them with other movements on the drum set.

Course chair: 
Yoron Israel