Video Game Music Club

The Berklee Video Game Music Club (VGMC) is working to change Berklee by bringing video game music-related activities to the College. By networking with experienced composers and professionals in the game audio industry, the club seeks to gain knowledge and answer questions regarding business, technology, and the creation of music for video games. Organizing events such as concerts, competitions, seminars, and clinics, the club will fuel students' interest in this new media and involve a variety of Berklee departments in the process. Ultimately, the VGMC looks forward to bringing awareness of this revolutionary industry to Berklee's curriculum and helping to define new courses that will be open to students in the near future.

Fall 2015 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • Tuesdays, Room 268, 150 Mass Ave, 1.00-2.00 pm (in the Film Scoring Department)

Video Game Music Club Constitution.pdf


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