Musical Theater Club (MTC)

We are an entirely student run club dedicated to bringing the BEST of musical theater to Berklee! We provide opportunities for those interested in anything MT to obtain knowledge and experience through the mediums of musicals, revues, fundraisers, PR, crew, etc. Leadership opportunities allow individuals to gain hands-on experience leading peers and learning the administrative and creative aspects of Musical Theatre while having a fun time in the process!

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Spring 2015 Club Meeting Times/Locations: Mondays, Room 311, 921 Boylston, 8.00-11.00 pm; Tuesdays, Room 311, 921 Boylston, 7.00-10.00 pm; Fridays, Room 311, 921 Boylston, 7.00-10.00 pm.

President: Christian James Potterton
Vice President: Cierra Bartelt
Company Manager: Shannon Jacob
Secretary: Will Morrison
Public Relations Coordinator: Justin Gates
Social Media Coordinator: Ian DePriest
Recruitment Coordinator: Kate Elmendorf

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