Music Business Club (MEISA)

The Berklee Music Business Club is comprised of students who are working towards successful careers in the music industry. During our weekly meetings, we discuss current events and controversial issues in the constantly evolving music industry. We also take 20-30 students to New York City each semester to meet with high-profile individuals and music companies to learn how we can turn our passions into careers. Other activities include visiting local music companies such as the Echo Nest and Nimbit and hosting guest speakers who offer advice on making the best out of a Berklee education in pursuit of a fruitful career. The Music Business Club is the perfect environment for you to learn about the industry, discover new areas of interest, make friends, and find people to work with!

Find us on social media!: Facebook, Instagram (@berkleemusicbusinessclub)

Leadership Team:

Matt Mannino, President
Daniel Hines, Vice President
Tara Chopra, Secretary
Katie O'Leary, Treasurer

Fall 2018 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

Music Business Club Constitution.pdf

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