B.U.G.L.E. is Berklee's official student-run LGBTQ(etc.) club. We exist as a support network to those who consider themselves part of or an ally to LGBTQ culture. We meet weekly and conduct informal meetings discussing issues facing the LGBTQ community, relevant news articles, and events that may have come up in our lives that we want to share. In addition, we form our own group of passionate friends, united in a common cause of LGBTQ awareness and support as we work against isolation.

We are not just limited to Berklee students, and we encourage anyone interested in our club to visit us or email us! Allies are welcome!

Follow us on Twitter at @BerkleeBugle!

Fall 2015 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • Mondays, Room 213, 7 Haviland, 7.00 pm


Erich Riepen (President)

Sam Meyer (Vice President)

Arthur Chen (Treasurer)

Kira Helper (Social Media Manager)

Molly Sauer (LGBT Causes Chair)

Jordin Dearinger (Advertising Assistant)

Emerson Hawthorne (Fundraising Chair)


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