Testing and Contact Tracing

Please note that the information below is subject to change. The community will be notified of any changes accordingly.

COVID-19 Testing

Prior to arrival on-campus for the fall semester Berklee encourages all community members to take a rapid antigen test. 

Berklee does not offer COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic community members. However, we offer rapid antigen tests at the Berklee Testing Center for students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms

What to Do if You Are Symptomatic or Test Positive

If you experience any symptoms, even if you believe the symptoms are attributed to a cold or seasonal allergies, isolate in place, seek medical guidance immediately, and follow the protocols below.


Where to Get Tests


Contact Tracing

Berklee no longer conducts contact tracing. If you test positive, you are responsible for notifying your close contacts of potential exposure and you should encourage them to wear a mask. Follow CDC guidelines for how to determine a close contact for COVID-19.

Please encourage your vaccinated close contacts to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and get a test if they become symptomatic. Close contacts are encouraged to wear masks for three days after exposure.