Diversity and Affordability

Sustainability and diversity go hand-in-hand. Underrepresented groups are hardest hit by environmental issues, yet often don't have the luxury to consider the full impact of their actions. Berklee offers support to these groups through the City Music program and its Office of Cultural Diversity.

  • Diversity and Equity Coordination — Berklee's Office for Cultural Diversity is responsible for integrating the variety of cultural values and perspectives at Berklee into what we do at all levels, through policy development, resources and education, and sponsorship of initiatives for staff, faculty, and students. A gender equity task force strives to ensure that the college provides equal pay for equivalent work.
  • Support Programs for Underrepresented Groups — A myriad of student clubs offer students the chance to connect with and support each other.
  • Affordability and Access Programs — Berklee offers need-based scholarships for talented musicians. Berklee's City Music program offers music education and college scholarships for underserved middle- and high-school students. The PULSE program allows low-income students across the country access to Berklee's teaching methods through computer-based online learning.