Berklee's Strategic Direction

Berklee’s 2023 strategic planning is underway. This process will help us develop a shared understanding of our institution’s greatest opportunities and build a strategy and vision that will shape Berklee for years to come.

About the Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning work began in spring 2022, when leaders from across the institution—including the Board of Trustees, President’s Council, and additional advisors—were engaged to help define the main tenets for our plan. Together, we developed five pillars to guide our strategic planning:

  • Affordability, and the Lifelong Value of a Berklee Degree
  • DEI: Values, Culture, and Campus Climate
  • Curricular and Programmatic Innovation
  • Global Strategy, Partners, and Presence
  • Higher Education Infrastructure of the Future

We are now seeking broad community input on this foundational work, to build on it and chart Berklee’s path forward. Input will be gathered via survey and a series of workshops and visioning sessions.  

Later this semester, Executive Vice President and Provost David Bogen will oversee a Strategic Plan Steering Committee that will review the findings of our community engagement and draft our new strategic plan for review and input from key stakeholders. The committee’s efforts will culminate in an official strategic plan to be shared widely and implemented across the institution.

This process reflects an exciting time for Berklee. We have a proud history of innovation and have gained exciting momentum. Our possibilities are limitless. 

Community Engagement 

Survey for Students, Faculty, and Staff

In February 2023, we launched a survey so that all students, faculty, and staff have an opportunity to have their voices heard. 

Check back here for results of the community engagement survey.

Workshops for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Following the community-wide survey, in March we gathered additional input and insights from the Berklee community through a series of two-hour workshops on the five strategic planning pillars (listed above). Each working session, facilitated by the B+A team, engaged a large group of individuals. The broad array of perspectives and voices in these workshop discussions will be invaluable to fully developing our strategic plan.

Vision and Strategy Archives

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