Message from the President and Provost: Berklee's Response to the Immigration Policy

To all members of the Berklee community,

As the country's executive and judicial branches debate the boundaries of authority and responsibility in regard to immigration policy, we are gratified to report that no College or Conservatory student, faculty or staff member’s travel was impeded as a result of the seven-country travel ban imposed on January 27. On February 3, a federal judge temporarily suspended the travel ban, and on February 9, the suspension was upheld following an appeal by the Department of Justice. We will continue to monitor the situation and its impact on our community.

In the meanwhile, we strongly encourage international members of the Berklee community to carefully consider any travel plans outside the United States. We are also reviewing the college's official international travel schedule as a precaution against undue risk or delay. Students who need to travel have been asked to check in with advisors at International Student Services (ISS) on the third floor of 921 Boylston Street or via email at International members of the faculty and staff traveling on behalf of the college should check in with their department chair or supervisor if they have concerns regarding travel.

We’d like to once again affirm our college values through this statement shared with faculty and staff last week: Berklee remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering an environment not only in support of, but truly built on, diversity and inclusion. We believe that scholarship and artistry thrive on the rich perspectives and experiences offered by our diverse community, and we are committed to maintaining and supporting it. Further, we recognize the broad spectrum of political opinion across our institution, and maintain our ongoing commitment to the idea that everyone’s voice is valued and respected.

Boston is rich with peer institutions and organizations who share these values, including Harvard, MIT, Emerson, and Northeastern, among others. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh affirmed these same ideals at a Berklee-produced concert at Symphony Hall last week. Area arts, cultural, medical, and technology leaders have also been outspoken in affirming their values around diversity and cultural exchange.  

Berklee’s vision for 2025 states that we will nurture the growth of the world’s most inspired artists in music, theater, and dance so they may fully realize their creative and career potential. Artistic expression is not bounded by the social constructs that may divide us. We believe that art has the power to galvanize communities, challenge cultural norms, and give meaning to the world around us. Therefore, we will not waver in our commitment to providing our community with a healthy and supportive place to learn, teach, and work, and we encourage our faculty and staff to focus on that vision in service to our students.


Roger H. Brown
President, Berklee

Lawrence J. Simpson
Provost, Berklee