Andy Youniss


Andy Youniss is the cofounder, president, and CEO of Rocket Software, a global enterprise infrastructure software company. He has been the guiding force behind Rocket’s innovation, acquisitions, partnerships, strategy, culture, and values since cofounding the company 30 years ago. Youniss has led the company’s growth through a series of technology investments—both organic and inorganic—and strategic partnerships to a global technology company valued over $2 billion.

Youniss still gets energized when solving problems for companies and organizations all around the globe. Everywhere he goes, and with everyone he meets, he talks about the core values that have guided him, have differentiated Rocket in the market, and are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA and in 1500 Rocketeers around the globe—empathy, humanity, trust, and love.

Youniss has been recognized as New England Technology Entrepreneur of the Year (2017) by EY and is one of the world’s foremost experts on making an impact on the world through innovation in legacy technology.

Youniss is a guitarist who has performed on stage in Las Vegas, solo and with the Rocket Band, and has opened for Aerosmith, Elton John, Maroon 5, No Doubt, Elvis Costello, and others.

While Rocket’s footprint spans much of the globe, Youniss also allocates time to make a difference here in the Boston area. He is a Trustee at Boston Medical Center, a Board member of Lovin’ Spoonfuls, an advisor to The Record Co., and was a member of Berklee’s President’s Advisory Council prior to joining the Board of Trustees.

He and his wife Mariann (who also was an early Rocketeer), are long-time supporters of Berklee and more recently, Berklee Online. Youniss earned his BS in Computer Science from the Catholic University of America and lives with Mariann in Beacon Hill.