Pablo Vargas

Interim Dean of Learning Resources

Pablo Vargas has played a vital role in transforming Berklee's Library and Learning Resources into a dynamic and effective unit that now comprises the Stan Getz Library, the Albert Alphin Library, the Creative Technology Center, the Immersive Technology Lab, and the Berklee Archives. Originally from Boyacá, Colombia, Vargas came to Berklee in 1994 to study film scoring. Upon graduation, he was hired at the college's Learning Center, where he went through the ranks to become its director. In 2016 he was promoted to associate dean for Library and Learning Resources and is currently serving as interim dean. In 2005 Vargas earned a multimedia arts production certificate from Emerson College, which helped him expand the scope of support for students at Berklee. He is committed to providing faculty and students with services and resources that support and enhance their academic, professional, and creative journeys.