Office of Enrollment

The enrollment division of the college is comprised of the Offices of the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment, Student Success and Retention, and Valencia Enrollment. The division is overseen by the vice president for enrollment. 

The division provides information, service, and support to students before and after enrollment at the college. Each of the Boston offices, including the Office of Enrollment, is located in the Uchida Building at 921 Boylston Street. Valencia Enrollment is located on Berklee's Valencia campus at Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. For more information about each of the areas within the Enrollment Division, please visit each office directly via the menu below.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for coordinating student course registration, check-in and scheduling services, degree and enrollment verification, evaluation of transfer credits, health insurance, transcript requests, returning student services, graduation planning and advising, and all related commencement activities.

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is responsible for recruiting the most qualified aspiring musicians to join the Berklee community and study at the college. The office provides information about various programs and areas of study that are offered, coaches prospective students through the application process, advises accepted students on matriculating to Berklee, and assists in preparing and welcoming our accepted students to the Berklee community.

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is responsible for assisting Berklee students and families in managing the cost of a quality education through a wide variety of sources, including federal, state, and institutional aid programs as well as a payment plan and educational loan opportunities. 

Office of Scholarships

The Office of Scholarships considers all applicants to the college's full-time degree or diploma programs for scholarships through our audition and interview process. The Office of Scholarships also offers scholarship opportunities, including the Berklee Achievement Scholarship and Berklee Achievement Grant, to continuing students who have completed two semesters of full-time study at the college.

Office of Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment helps provide Berklee students with opportunities to work part time on campus in order to assist in professional and educational growth as well as aid in meeting costly living expenses. With over 500 positions ranging from 10 to 15 hours of work per week and daily opportunities for project-based temporary employment, Berklee's Office of Student Employment can broaden and develop students’ job skills while they are enrolled full time.

Office of Student Success and Retention

The Office of Student Success is dedicated to ensuring all students have the necessary supports—inside and outside of the classroomto fully realize their musical, academic, and personal potential at Berklee College of Music. By supporting students as they face the obstacles associated with college life, the Office of Student Success assists students in making connections with Berklee. 

Valencia Graduate Enrollment

Berklee’s first international campus, located in Valencia, Spain, offers a unique curriculum and an unparalleled faculty of inspiring educators and cutting-edge industry professionals. The Valencia campus currently offers master's degree programs, study abroad opportunities, and summer programs as well as a new way for musicians around the world to join the global music community—as performers, as practitioners, and as leaders.