Mask Policy and Campus Safety Practices

Berklee is taking a number of steps to ensure that its campus facilities are as safe as possible for students, faculty, and staff. Below is an overview of the mask policy and safety practices for campus facilities. Please note that this information is subject to change, and the community will be notified of any changes accordingly.

Masks/Face Coverings and Safety Practices

In an effort to establish a “Berklee bubble,” we will require everyone on campus between August 20 and October 1 to wear a mask indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. This means you must wear a mask indoors during check-in, orientation, and the first few weeks of classes. Additionally, masks will be required anytime you enter the Berklee Testing Center at 167 Massachusetts Avenue and will remain so throughout the semester. 

During Phase 3, there are a few distinctions in our classroom masking policies based on the type of classes being held. 

  • Performance-related: In certain classes and programs, such as vocal performance, musical theater, and stage performance, fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff may remove their masks on a limited basis at the faculty member’s discretion and with chair approval. When not engaged directly in such activities, these community members should wear their masks indoors at all times. Unvaccinated community members with approved exemptions must remain masked at all times indoors, regardless of class or activity.

  • Non-performance-related: We will no longer require social distancing on campus, but masks will be required for everyone in classes without a performance component during Phase 3.

Please note that during this phase, community members who are fully vaccinated may unmask in private spaces, including offices and residence halls rooms, and in the dining hall when eating meals.

Unvaccinated community members must remain masked at all times indoors, regardless of class or activity. 

Masks will continue to be optional outdoors during this phase, per state and local guidance. 

Your mask must fit snugly on your nose and under your chin, and cover your mouth fully. Note that gaiters, buffs, and bandanas are not recommended. Please review this resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for more guidance about how to choose the right mask, wear it properly, and keep it clean.

Special Guidance for Singers and Wind Instrument Players


Campus Facilities

As of July 1, we no longer require social distancing in any instructional or performance venues, work spaces, lounges, or the dining hall. Classrooms, ensemble rooms, recording studios, labs, practice rooms, and performance venues no longer require downtime to air out between use by different individuals or groups. 

We have kept our existing protective barriers, HEPA filters, and sanitation stations in place, and returned to a pre-COVID cleaning schedule. While we still encourage you to clean the spaces you use, that cleaning will no longer be required.

Guests and Visitors

Enrolled students may invite up to two people to attend their performances and culminating experiences. All guests are required to wear masks indoors. Aside from the two guests allowed to assist during move-in, residential students are not permitted to have non-Berklee guests in the residence halls during Phase 3. 

Visiting artists are required to attest to their host department that they are fully vaccinated before coming to campus and must submit evidence of a negative PCR test to Human Resources.