Foreign Sources and Gift Reporting

Background and Purpose

Under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act (HEA), institutions must report information to the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Department (FSA) about gifts received from any foreign source, contracts with a foreign entity, and any ownership interests in or control over the institution by a foreign entity, when valued at $250,000 or more within a calendar year. A gift or contract meets the $250,000 threshold either alone or when considered in combination with all other gifts from or contracts with that foreign source within a calendar year.


In order for Berklee to comply with the HEA reporting requirement, departments, offices, faculty, or other individuals or groups on campus receiving gifts or contracts of any dollar value from a foreign source must promptly report such gifts or contracts to Berklee’s Office of Student Financial Services and the general counsel prior to January 31 or July 31 of each year, whichever is sooner after the receipt of the gift or contract. All gifts must also be reported to Institutional Advancement. Student Financial Services will prepare and submit all foreign-source gift and contract disclosure reports to the FSA.

Click here for the Foreign Sources and Gift Reporting Process Chart.