Brand and Trademark

Berklee owns various trademarks/logos that are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Use of Berklee’s trademarks requires special care and approval. Improper use of Berklee’s trademarks and logos can dilute Berklee’s ownership interests and the value of Berklee’s marks. Improper use of Berklee’s marks is also unlawful and may subject such users to significant civil liability. Accordingly, please contact the Marketing and Communications Department if you would like to use Berklee’s trademarks or logos, and please contact the general counsel if you become aware of any unauthorized use of Berklee’s trademarks, logos, or marks.

Berklee's mission is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in careers in the performing arts. While our world-class educators do this every day through our online school, on our physical campuses, and through an array of programs delivered in cities around the world, we recognize the educational value of the professional endeavors of our alumni, students, faculty, and staff members as they independently share their knowledge and expertise as educators. This service to the profession has proven highly valuable to both educators and students.

It is important to remember that only Berklee is able to develop and deliver programs, performances, and engagements that use the Berklee brand and logo, regardless of their physical location. These opportunities to connect with the Berklee community are designed, marketed, and delivered by specific areas of the institution to support strategic goals.

Many faculty, staff, and students work outside our institution as professionals, undertaking projects that are not official Berklee events; they deliver clinics, teach master classes, give presentations, and more. In such cases, these members of our community typically note their Berklee affiliation in their artist biographies and other notations of their professional experience. Berklee may only be mentioned in the supporting details in the print or digital advertisements of independent events. Berklee’s name and logo may not be used in the event title or event description without the authorization of the Communications and Marketing Division.

For international partners, we invite you to contact the Office of Global Initiatives at or your department director or area vice president if you have questions about whether your opportunity is one that officially represents Berklee.