Technology for Songwriting Students

As an undergraduate Berklee student majoring in songwriting, the required hardware and software listed below will be essential to your success.

Required Hardware


Once you have successfully declared songwriting as your major, the Songwriting Department requires you to purchase the following external hard drive (or an equivalent with at least 1TB of additional storage) and a disk speed of 7200 RPM or greater:

  • G-Drive Mini 1TB (7200 RPM) external hard drive

Required Software


Upon successfully declaring songwriting as your major, you are required to purchase the following software. The Student Computer Support Center offers discounts on the software required and it can be purchased directly from the Student Computer Support Center. Submit a support request with the Student Computer Support Center for more information on how to purchase the required software.

Apple Logic Pro X $139.99
Native Instruments Komplete $299.99
Waves - Berklee Bundle $59.99

Apple Logic Pro X Icon


Apple Logic Pro X

Native Instruments Komplete Icon


Native Instruments Komplete

Waves Icons


Waves - Berklee Bundle

Click the icons to view more information about the given software.