Technology for Film Scoring Students

Please note: Contemporary writing and production and film scoring students must purchase a USB-eLicenser (also known as a Vienna Key, or Steinberg Key) on their own. Berklee cannot provide this to you directly at this time. The price of affected bundles has been adjusted accordingly.

The USB-eLicenser is available to purchase through the following sites: 

As an undergraduate Berklee student majoring in film scoring, the required software listed below will be essential to your success.

The Cubase Pro e365 License is a subscription for one year and includes upgrades during the subscription period. After one year, students need to renew their subscription by purchasing a renewal license from Berklee. If you do not renew the Cubase Pro e365 License Subscription, the Cubase Pro application will not run. You can purchase a one-year license renewal for $99 via the Technology Service Desk (login required). 

Required Hardware

The Film Scoring Department does not have any hardware requirements.

Required Software

Upon successfully declaring film scoring as your major, you will receive a bundle of software, which will be billed to your account along with all other college charges, necessary for excellence in modern music composing and scoring, recording, arranging, editing, mixing, and more. All film scoring majors will receive the major bundle.

Film scoring students in FS-203 or beyond are required to own all bundle components. Students can only opt out of purchasing bundle components through Berklee by submitting individual receipts for each bundle component for which they are requesting waivers. Please send any receipts or questions to

Film Scoring Major Bundle $970

Price does not include Massachusetts sales tax.

The film scoring major bundle includes the following software:


Cubase Pro e365 License Subscription (requires renewal after one year to continue using Cubase; see above)


Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate

 iZotopeiZotope Music Production Bundle



Orchestral Tools logo

Special Orchestral Tools Berklee Bundle

Berklee is collaborating with Orchestral Tools on a special sound library to be drawn from Orchestral Tools' vast catalog. More details are forthcoming.

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