Registering for Courses

When to Register

Registration occurs online at You will be assigned an "online registration time" which will be the earliest date and time you can register for courses for summer and fall 2016. Online registration times are assigned to students by descending order of semester levels (highest to lowest) and within a semester level by the number of credits earned, and are scheduled for a time of day during the registration period when you are not in class.

You can find your assigned online registration time on your "Registration and Check-in Profile" screen in the Registration section on For the summer and fall 2016 semesters, you can register on that date and time, or any time after that, through April 15, 2016. 

Search and Register for Classes

You've done your planning, know which courses you'd like to take, and your assigned online registration time is here. You are now ready to register for your courses online. 

Search & Register screen on

Log in to and select “Search and Register for Classes” in the Registration section.

1. Search and Register for Classes allows you to select classes by searching the course catalog.

Fill out search criteria to limit the search results to the courses you are interested in taking.

  • Term (required) – choose term for courses for which you are searching.
  • Location (required) – choose campus location from drop-down menu.
  • Academic Level (required) – choose from drop-down menu.
  • Subject (optional) – choose subject from drop-down menu to limit results to subject chosen.
  • Course Number (optional) – enter course number to limit results to course chosen.
  • Section Number (optional) – enter section number to limit results to section chosen.
  • Class Meeting Time (optional) – limit results to a specified time by using the provided drop-down menus.
  • Day of Week (optional) – select days on which you want your search results limited.
  • Course Title Keyword (optional) – enter a title or partial course title to limit results to courses that contain that title.
  • Instructor’s Last Name (optional) – enter an instructor’s last name to limit search results to those courses taught by the instructor entered.
  • Only Show Open Courses (optional) – select check box to toggle whether or not search results contain only open courses.

2. Click submit.

3. A result screen listing courses based on your criteria will be displayed.

4. Using the check boxes, select the classes that you would like to add to your schedule.

5. Click submit.

6. A confirmation screen will be displayed to verify the courses you selected.

7. Review information and click submit.

8. A result screen is displayed. The courses for which you are eligible will be added to your schedule with a status of ’registered’.

9. For any course that you are prevented from registering for, a message describing the reason why you were prevented will be displayed.

10. Links to the other registration tools can be accessed under the “Students Menu” link found at the top right side of the screen.  

View/Change Schedule

Log in to and select “View/Change Schedule” in the Registration section.

View/Change Schedule displays classes for which you are registered and provides functionality to drop classes.

View/Change Schedule screen on

1. To drop a class, select the check box next to the course title.

2. Click submit.

3. A resulting schedule view will display courses for which you are registered.

Registering for Private Instruction and/or Recital Preparation

Register for your PI and/or RP before your other courses using "Search and Register for Classes." See Private Instructors and Private Instruction and Recital Preparation Requirements for requirements, course codes, and available instructors.

Registering for Ensembles

Students are limited to registering for a specific number of ensembles during the registration period according to instrument. This is to provide all students with a fair opportunity to register for ensembles. Once all students’ assigned online registration times have passed, additional ensembles can be added. See Ensemble Information for more information. 

To view a current online listing of ensembles with open seats for your instrument, select the “Browse Ensembles” link under the Registration section on This report updates every five minutes, so make note of the ensembles with available seats and try to add them. 

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

If you're running into technical problems when trying to register online, here are a few quick tips that may help solve them:

  • Do not use the "Back" button on your browser. Use the menu items and links provided.
  • Online registration does not support multiple tabs. Though you may be able to run multiple tabs, it is not recommended that you do so when registering online.
  • The system may take up to 15 seconds to process your request, so be patient and do not click "Submit" more than once on each screen.
  • When faced with error messages, sometimes quitting and restarting the browser and/or your computer before logging back in can help. Cookies, caches and other settings on your specific machine may need updating. You can also try a different browser, or if you have access, a different machine.

If you need additional assistance, please visit the Student Computer Support Center on the lower level of 186 Massachusetts Avenue, email them at, or call them at 617-747-8800. If you have problems registering due to academic issues, please visit the Office of the Registrar at Suite 120, Uchida, or contact them at 617-747-2240.