Faculty Technology Services

Faculty Technology ServicesFaculty Technology Services helps Berklee faculty integrate technology into their teaching.

Learn Online

Find help right here, right now, for Berklee sites, software, online courses, and classroom technologies.



Online Training

Explore tutorial videos and step-by-step guides on everything from software and hardware to recording, video editing, and creating accessible materials.

Your Online Course (OL)

Inside Berklee Courses (OL)

Inside Berklee Course Help

Enroll in the Faculty Help course on ol.berklee.edu to find out all the things you can do with your online course sites.

Help with Your Classroom


Classroom Support

Need a hand with the technology in your classrooms? Explore the campus map, and find your classroom and how to use its equipment.

Discover in Person

Visit us in person in the faculty lab on campus, or let us come to your department meeting and help you discover emerging technology.



Training Sessions

View the schedule of upcoming workshop topics this semester in the Center for Technology in Music Instruction (CTMI).

Department Training

Percussion Department Training

Department Trainings

Let Faculty Technology Services come to your department meeting and deliver training on Berklee sites, services, or software.



People, Resources, Gear

Discover the helpful staff and resources in the Center for Technology in Music Instruction (CTMI) Lab, and explore gear that can be checked out on loan for faculty use.