Community Affairs and Campus Engagement

The Office of Community Affairs and Campus Engagement (CACE) cultivates and manages institutional relationships, partnerships, and programs that advance the college, mobilize musicians as leaders, and contribute to the cultural, educational, and artistic development of the Boston area and our society.

Community Affairs and Campus Engagement is part of the President's Office of Education Outreach, which supports the college in its commitment to cultural, artistic, and educational development through partnerships, programming, scholarships, and public service through music.

Our work is based on the principle that institutions of higher education realize their greatest potential when they serve as fully committed members of the local community. Aligned with the college's philosophy of encouraging our students to appreciate and apply music's enormous force for the enrichment of society and intercultural understanding, CACE provides the laboratory where students test these ideas and put theory into practice. CACE programs take students into the field where knowledge becomes understanding and musicians become leaders.