Kevin Block-Schwenk

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Kevin Block-Schwenk has taught economics and mathematics since 2005. He operates a small real estate business and studies the career paths of Berklee graduates who make a good living outside of music: over 200 of his interviews with alumni can be seen at Kevin Block-Schwenk lives car-free in Boston with his wife and four cats, and enjoys biking, games, history, vegan cuisine, and music.

Career Highlights
  • Created the Berklee Online course applied mathematics for musicians in 2013 and has been teaching it ever since
  • Organizes Berklee's annual Earth Day celebration
  • Instruments include bass guitar
  • Dean's Award for Pedagogical Collaboration and Recourse Development, 2021
  • Exemplary Faculty Award for Mentorship, 2022
In Their Own Words

"I want people to understand the power of systems and incentives, as well as feel both the confidence and ability to handle whatever comes their way in the future."

"A good thing about music business is that it gives somebody a wonderful fallback; while they're working on getting their footing in the music industry, they will get a decent job. That's important."