Brad Hatfield

Associate Professor
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Brad Hatfield is an Emmy Award–winning composer and one of Boston's most prolific and popular musicians. He was nominated and won an Emmy in 2006 and received a Primetime Emmy nomination in 2010. His musical compositions have been heard in movies such as Borat, Analyze This, Dear John, The Break-Up, and Iron Man 2, and on television series such as The Sopranos, This Is Us, The Big Bang TheoryCSI, and NCIS, among many others. Hatfield was the co-composer for the FX television series Rescue Me, starring Denis Leary, and is currently staff composer for The Young and the Restless. You can also hear him playing solo piano for the opening scene and end credits of Clint Eastwood's film Mystic River.

Hatfield currently teaches Songwriting for Film and TV, and Music Supervision.

Career Highlights
  • Performances with the Boston Pops, accompanying artists such as Susan Tedeschi, Demi Lovato, James Taylor, Patti LaBelle, and Kristin Chenoweth, among many others
  • Recordings with the Boston Pops with John Williams and Keith Lockhart, Livingston Taylor, George Russell, Mike Metheny, and Martin Sexton, among others
  • Orchestrator for the Boston Pops, Atlanta Symphony, Houston Symphony, and Kansas City Symphony for a variety of artists including Susan Tedeschi, Demi Lovato, Darlene Love, Oleta Adams, and Jim Belushi, among others
  • Instruments include piano and keyboards
  • Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, 2015–2018
  • Recipient of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) Excellence in Teaching Award, 2014
  • Author of UPCEA Award–winning course entitled Music Supervision, 2012
  • Nominated for an Emmy Award, 2010
  • Recipient of a Daytime Emmy Award, 2006
In Their Own Words

"It’s about delivering the goods. Whether you are a vocalist, instrumentalist, lyricist, producer, accompanist, or music supervisior, it’s about identifying what you need to do to make something the best it can be, then doing it and delivering on time with a smile on your face. We can all envision what it might be like to 'live the dream' in the world of music, and by consistently delivering high-quality work, you will get closer to that dream. Every time you deliver the goods, it will be noticed, and not by just the folks in the immediate area. Word travels real fast when someone is identified as the go-to person."

"I do my best to help students identify their strengths, then challenge themselves to work outside their comfort zone and collaborate. I have found a team-oriented approach to be a fast track to sustained success in the field of songwriting for film and TV, and music supervision. Not only can collaborations result in more successful creative endeavors, but each time a writing or production partner is pleased with the results, you will become a part of their network. This simple act of collaboration will lead to more opportunities for the student as an independent writer or as a willing partner in future projects."

"Ultimately, what’s important to me is that students remain open to suggestions and open to new writing possibilities for the rest of their lives. This is a very fluid environment that we’re in, and you can’t just hold to one approach or one set of tools. The only thing they should hold on to is doing the best work that they possibly can with the time that they have. That wins above everything else, and the rest will fall into place."

"As a professional musician and composer for over 45 years, I've learned that the learning never stops. Having performed, toured, recorded, produced, and written music for a variety of ensembles in multiple musical genres and media types, I try to instill my enthusiasm for discovery and adaptation to musical challenges in the students so they to can sustain a long and fruitful career in this ever-changing music industry landscape. I have learned and adjusted all my life to conquer musical challenges, and it is my hope that the students recognize their need to keep expanding and refining their skills for greater success."