Technology Information for Undergraduate Students


All current students enrolled at Berklee College of Music are provided with access to powerful, cutting-edge music technology, which is an integral part of the college curriculum. These music technology packages empower students to create professional-quality content with a range of innovative tools.

Compatible Software Versions

Listed below are software titles included in the entering student software package and their approved versions. Berklee approves versions of software that are tested and evaluated to ensure compatibility needs of the college and curriculum. In some cases, the most current version of a piece of software may be one or two versions ahead of what is actually used at Berklee. 

Please note: These software versions are not available for download by students enrolled at Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Software Updates

As a Berklee student, updates to these applications will be provided to you at no cost during your enrollment (with the exception of ProTools, which requires an upgrade fee after the first year). You can submit a support request to obtain an updated software license and registration information for the latest compatible software versions.  (This is subject to change without notice.)

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Technology for Majors and Minors

If you declare and enter a technology-focused major or minor at Berklee, you are required to purchase components to meet your program's technology requirements that will enable you to advance in your chosen field. More information about the technology requirements of specific majors and minors at Berklee is available here.


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