Technology for Electronic Production and Design Students

As an undergraduate Berklee student majoring in electronic production and design (EPD) the required software listed below will be essential to your success.

Required Hardware

The EPD Department does not have specific hardware requirements.

Required Software

Upon successfully declaring EPD as your major, your account will be billed for the major bundle along with all other college charges. All EPD majors will receive the major bundle. The software bundle will be emailed to you during the first week of the semester. 

As an EPD major, you are required to purchase a license or a subscription to Max/MSP/Jitter. Please visit Cycling74's educational online store to make this purchase.

EPD Major Bundle $650

Price does not include Massachusetts sales tax.

The EPD major bundle includes the following software:

Ableton Live Suite

iZotope Music Production Bundle

Native Instruments Komplete