Minor Programs of Study

Berklee's enrolled students can complete a minor program of study in addition to their declared major. The purpose of a minor course of study is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain a breadth and depth of understanding in a focused area of study. Minors at the college are specifically planned to expand a student's ability to undertake specialized courses of study outside of their declared major.

  • Minors consist of a minimum of 10-12 credits and represent a focused specialization.
  • Minors include a progression of courses that represent significant study, immersion, and intellectual knowledge of a subject area upon completion.
  • Course work completed under the guidelines of a minor may be used to fulfill other degree requirements as appropriate.
  • Declaration of a minor does not allow a student to bypass specified prerequisites.
  • Students may complete only one minor course of study for inclusion on their official transcript.
  • Students must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.70 in the courses within their declared minor in order to receive credit for the minor course of study and indication of the minor on their official transcript.
  • Students currently on academic probation may not declare their intent for a minor course of study.

Declaration of a minor is initiated with the stated department chair of that minor.