Stan Getz Media Center and Library

Dedicated in 1998, the Stan Getz Library is committed to collecting and providing access to both electronic and print resources for music materials and to providing bibliographic, reference, and instructional support for Berklee’s research, scholarly, and creative pursuits. As a complement to these services, current topics are explored through events and forums hosted by the library and led by faculty members, staff, and special guests. The Stan Getz Library is open to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as alumni and ProArts Consortium members.

Media Center

The media center provides access to the expanding choices of learning resources available in multimedia. The foundation of the media center is the audio/video collection, which supports the Berklee curriculum. This collection includes audio and video materials in physical and digital formats. Along with a music collection that reflects the broad spectrum of contemporary American music and other musical genres taught at Berklee, the media center maintains several unique collections including compact disc and video recordings of Berklee Performance Center and Cafe 939 concerts, Berklee visiting artist clinics, and Berklee faculty artists. Also available via the library/media center web page is an assortment of music and nonmusic-related magazine indexes (some full-text); an index of lead sheets held in the library; a number of encyclopedias, including the Encyclopedia Britannica Online and the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Online; streaming audio databases, including and Smithsonian Global Sound; and library-maintained online multimedia faculty reserve web pages.

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The library provides access to printed materials relating to, and in support of, the curriculum at Berklee. The foundations of this print collection are music scores, music literature, music education materials, and music reference materials. The strengths of the library collections are the popular music score collection, including fake books, film music, artist folios, and jazz compilations; the music education collection, including instrumental methods; and the music therapy, music technology, and music business collections. Additionally, there are book collections in both print and electronic formats that support the nonmusic academics taught at Berklee, and a collection of periodicals, many of which are fully indexed in online magazine indexes, specifically selected to support Berklee’s curricular needs. The Stan Getz Library is a member of the ProArts Consortium and the Boston Regional Library System and fully participates in interlibrary loan and document delivery throughout these consortia and the nation.

Online Catalog

The online catalog is a sophisticated yet user-friendly web application that offers access to the Stan Getz Library collections through name, title, call number, and subject. Material placed on reserve for a class can be accessed with the name of the instructor or the course. This system supports the unique needs of contemporary music education by allowing searches in areas not usually available in more traditional bibliographical databases. Recordings may be searched not only by album title, artist, and publisher, but also by producer, song title, and supporting musicians. Through the online catalog, students are able to access an ever-increasing course-related collection of texts, graphics, audio, and video materials. The online catalog is available at the Stan Getz Library and online at Information seekers have access to online reference services, including email and instant message, through this same website.