Valencia, Spain Campus Faculty

Enric Alberich | 617-266-1400 x3433

"It's not only about learning things, it's also about learning how to do things, and it's also about learning to be a human being."

Gwendolyn Alston | 617 266-1400 x3996

"Through my studies and throughout my professional career, I have explored the different forms of human expression and how they help us connect—whether this is through literature, music, video, or art."

Fabien Aubry | 617-266-1400 x3493

"For me, having a good sense of psychology and pedagogy is essential to allow students to develop their potential and to grow up with time."

Graham Ball

A former marketing director for Sony and Virgin, Ball teaches concert promotion and venue management.

Clara Barbera

Director of Student Affairs, Valencia Campus; Instructor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-266-1400 x3417

"I encourage my students to develop their own voice and vocabulary by offering them tools to improvise and to construct their own movement material whilst working on their flexibility, coordination, memory, stamina, and strength."

Zebbler Peter Berdovsky | 617-377-3521

"I find it important to discuss everyone’s interests at the beginning of a semester and to be able to adjust my curriculum or one-on-one meetings to accommodate the ultimate learning goals of the students."

Ben Cantil

Assistant Professor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-266-1400 x3446

Ben Cantil (a.k.a. Encanti) is a music producer, synthesist, sound designer, performer, DJ, VJ, and electronic music teacher.

Maureen Choi | 617-377-3594

“I always try to implement the most direct, effective, and time-efficient way of getting things in your ears and fingers. I want my students to leave my class knowing how to practice so they can always continue to improve on their own."

Alfons Conde

Assistant Professor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-266-1400 x3499

Alfons Conde is a pianist, keyboardist, and film score composer. 

Benjamin Costantini

“At Berklee’s campus in Valencia, I attempt to promote an inspirational classroom atmosphere and develop innovative projects with the students, such as a music industry blog or a series of hands-on assignments with local musicians.”

Victoriano Darias

"Having a solid foundation and a good understanding of the deals, the business practices, and the current state of the industry is essential in order for you to make informed decisions, be in control at all times, and ultimately have a solid career in the music business.”

Casey Driessen

Program Director, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-377-3509

Whatever instrument you play or genre you call home, I’m only interested in your dedication and passion. Let’s make some music together.”

Daniel Flors | 617-266-1400 x3496

"We, as musicians, are not aware of how profound our music may get, how many hearts shall be touched, and all without notice."

Jon Forsyth

Assistant Professor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-266-1400 x3473

"As a creator, I enjoy the process of bringing to life something new out of something existing, looking for sights and sounds that express my inner voice and that also resonate with an external audience."

Vanessa Garde

Assistant Professor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617 266-1400 x3415

Lucio Godoy

Program Director, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617 266-1400 x3441

"There is something magical about this process that has always fascinated me and continues to fascinate me. Sometimes I’ll spend one, two, or three days mulling over a cue, only to 'find' the perfect piece in the blink of an eye."

Gael Hedding

Assistant Professor, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-747-6939

"I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by many great people, and as they did with me, I strive to guide students through a journey of self-discovery and development of critical thinking."

Enrique Hernandis

"My deep involvement in the class has to be exactly the same with each one of my students. Each student is a new world that I have to discover.”

Sergio Jiménez Lacima

“One of the best accomplishments for me as an instructor is seeing students at the end of the course and how they have developed an interest and passion about either video game scoring or conducting that they didn’t know of at the beginning, and how they transform into great professionals.“

David Loscos

"Teaching international marketing to highly motivated students from around the world is a gift."

Nacho Marco | 617-377-3597

“As an active DJ and producer, the most important thing to me is practice, so I keep them practicing from the first to the last day of class until they learn every secret behind their new instruments: the turntables, mixer, sampler, and drum machine.”

Victor Mendoza

Professor, Percussion
Also affiliated with: Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-747-8282

Vibraphonist and composer Victor Mendoza, a Mexico native, is a leading international artist in the Latin jazz and world percussion spheres. Mendoza has performed with a long list of music greats, including Paquito D'Rivera, Danilo Pérez, Claudio Roditi, Antonio Sanchez and Lee Konitz.

Emilien Moyon

Program Director, Global Entertainment and Music Business, Valencia, Spain Campus | 617-266-1400 x3497

"Innovators are the ones who constantly think outside the box and transform threats into opportunities."