Learning Center

Learning Center Computer Lab

Learning Center Training

150 Massachusetts Avenue

The Learning Center is a computer-based training facility providing resources and opportunities that support the daily educational needs of Berklee students. The facility offers small-to-large group instruction rooms with Apple computer workstations. Each station is outfitted with software ranging from music sequencing, notation, and multimedia production to word processing and web browsing. Continually offering training sessions on software located both in the facility and on the students’ laptops, the trainers and peer tutors take a hands-on approach to teaching students in a classroom or one-on-one setting. As a complement to the training sessions, the software is further discussed in ongoing forums that cover popular software and hardware topics and are led by faculty, Learning Center staff, upper-semester students, and software company representatives. The Learning Center also offers a core music-tutoring program where students receive help in their general music classes from academically qualified upper-semester students. For more information, visit http://learningcenter.berklee.edu.